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A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with reptile-like traits.

Dragon may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

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Other arts and entertainment[edit]



  • Agamidae, a family of lizards, of which many genera are known as dragons, especially in subfamilies Amphibolurinae and Draconinae
    • Amphibolurinae
      • Ctenophorus, an Australian genus of lizards, of which many species are known as dragons
      • Pogona, a genus of Australian lizards, commonly called "bearded dragons"
    • Draconinae
      • Acanthosaura, commonly named as "horned dragons," a genus of lizards, endemic to Southeast Asia
      • Draco, commonly known as "flying dragons," a genus of lizards, endemic to Southeast Asia
  • Dragonfish, many fish
  • Dragonet, fish of the Callionymidae
  • Komodo dragon, a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo

Other uses in biology[edit]

  • Antirrhinum, a genus of plants, known as "snap dragon"
  • Dracaena, a genus of trees, also known as "dragon tree"
  • DRAGON (protein), a membrane receptor protein
  • Pitaya, also called "dragon fruit," fruit of several different cactus species
  • Saururus cernuus, a species of plants, also called "water dragon"
  • Tarragon, a species of perennial herbs, which is called dragon in several languages including its Latin name

Brands and enterprises[edit]


Mathematics and computing[edit]


  • Dragon (firearm), the short version of the blunderbuss
  • "Dragons", a USMC helicopter squadron (see: VMM-265)
  • BQM-147 Dragon, United States unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Focke-Achgelis Fa 223, German World War II helicopter, known in English as Dragon
  • HMS Dragon, the name of at least 14 ships (and a building) of the English/British Navy
  • M47 Dragon, an American anti-tank missile system
  • The Dragons, a display team consisting of 4 x Hawker Hunters of No. 4 Flying Training School RAF, during 1973
  • USS Dragon (1861), a Union Navy steamer during the American Civil War
  • Dragón, a Spanish development of the Mowag Piranha V Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Nobility and royalty[edit]


  • Vlad II Dracul (1390–1447), duke of Wallachia, nicknamed "Vlad the Dragon"
  • Goran Dragić (born 1986), Slovenian basketball player
  • G-Dragon (born 1988), South Korean rapper
  • Carmen Dragon (1914–1984), American conductor and composer
  • Daryl Dragon (1942–2019), American musician, one half of the duo Captain & Tennille; son of Carmen Dragon
  • Tatsumi Fujinami (born 1953), Japanese professional wrestler, nicknamed "The Dragon"
  • Bruce Lee (1940–1973), Chinese actor and martial artist, nicknamed "The Dragon"
  • Lyoto Machida (born 1978), Brazilian martial artist, nicknamed "The Dragon"
  • Ricky Steamboat (born 1953), American professional wrestler, nicknamed "The Dragon"
  • Matthew Stevens, Welsh snooker player nicknamed "The Welsh Dragon"
  • Don "The Dragon" Wilson (born 1954), American champion kickboxer and actor
  • Ryuji Kumita (born 1967), Japanese racing driver who uses the pseudonym "Dragon"




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North America[edit]






  • Dragon (rocket), a French research sounding rocket
  • SpaceX Dragon capsule, used to transport cargo to and from the International Space Station
  • SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule, also used to transport crew to and from the International Space Station


Other uses[edit]

  • Dragon (Ninurta), a figure in Sumerian religion
  • Dragon (zodiac), in the Chinese zodiac
  • Dragon reactor, a gas-cooled nuclear reactor in England
  • Satan, referred to several times in the Book of Revelation as the "Dragon"
  • Welsh Dragon, the flag of Wales
  • In the Japanese board game shogi, the rook and bishop promote to a "dragon (king)" and a "dragon horse"
  • The 2020 Middle East storms of 23 March 2020 and following days are sometimes called the "Dragon storms"

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